SFT Tax Services provides a variety of tax services including business or corporate tax services in York (Toronto) and across the GTA. As a small business during tax season juggling getting your documents in order and running your business can be very challenging. Many companies turn to accounting firms like ourselves to ensure they are not missing out on important tax deadlines.

A business owner should also know what kind of tax forms need to be submitted. For example, If you are a sole proprietorship when you file you do it as a part of your personal income tax return with a T1 form. Whereas if you are incorporated then you would file it with a T2 form.

This is why it is important to work with an experienced tax firm that will be able to organize your documents and transactions. We have helped many small businesses with filing tax returns but more importantly ensuring our clients get the maximum return and reduce their tax liability.

Opening your business sounds easy but there are many rules and regulations that business owners don’t realize. We let our clients understand their obligations and what items they are eligible to claim. We give out reminders to our clients to not miss any deadlines so that all of their business tax returns are always completed on time.

We prepare business tax returns for sole proprietors, such as Uber Drivers, Taxi drivers or Self-Employed Contractors. We also help our corporation clients with organization and inform them of any new upcoming tax rules.



Accounting Services

We keep track of our client’s income and expenditures and provide periodic financial statements with explanations of their company’s financial position.


Payroll Services

We provide a simple and convenient way for business owners to pay to their employees. With our trusted expertise, we assist small and mid-sized companies to manage every stage of their payroll.


Business Set Up

We assist and advice our clients on what business structures they need to operate, whether it’s a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or Corporation.


Audit Assistance

We assist our clients with year-round audit assistance. We help our clients prepare the necessary documents in an organized and timely manner.